3 Ways The Business Model Is Changing

Business is business; since the move of cavemen from the tundra discovering food wherever they wandered to setting up pens and haggling over the best trade price, the ways of markets have changed very little.

What has changed about business in the last century has been the advancement of technology, and the increase of socialism in many of the first world governments; not only has business gotten smarter, but in some cases, it’s also grown a heart.

So what’s the latest and up to date in the entrepreneurial circles? Well it’s really down to three things: sustainable community development, online organizational websites, and the return of remote, at-home working and the way they are changing the world. Are you familiar with these developments? If not, check out our take on how they’re affecting today’s business, and you.


  • Community Awareness

Charitable corporations are no new thing in the American business model—hello tax cuts!—but the new wave of hipster-minded corporations that provide not just money but goods to developing countries or crisis situations are the newest, hottest things on the Forbes radar. Because while Kroger may give $64 million in contributions, it’s the likes of Tom’s and Warby Parker that are getting the press for their buy-one-give-one business model.

For Tom’s, or Two Degrees Foods, which donates a meal to a child in need with every energy bar bought, the process involved goes deeper than just charitable giving, but incorporates the communities by employing them, or resourcing locally where the good are needed most, not only giving a helping hand to people but to their growing economies as well. It’s one thing to put glasses on children who couldn’t see before, but Warby Parker’s integration also creates job in the communities so the kids have features to look forward to.

While there is doubt about whether the extra shoes, or glasses, or toothbrushes by Smile Squared, actually makes a difference reaching the people who need them, it is hard to imagine that Donald Trump would have such a powerful hold on the 2016 Republican Primaries sitting on top of an empire of canvas shoes instead of his paper billions.


  • Modern Wave

It’s a no-brainer that technological advancements are shaping things, but the real questions are  which technological gadgets are moving the most work. For techies, these new processes aren’t anything new, but for the rest of the world, the rise of virtual assistants, virtual meetings, and virtually everything you can think of, means business is getting a fast update in how to function most efficiently.

Online organizers like Asana and Trello are taking out those incredibly long conference meetings and replacing the in-office Post-It system with something a little more streamlined and it’s turning the office into a better place. With task oriented interfaces on Trello, where you can add due dates, tag collaborators, and post comments, it’s not a waste of anyone’s time because any changes are automatically updated via email, and it means nothing is lost in translation.   An extra bonus? There’s an app for all of these things so it’s not just a tied-to-the-desk kind of deal; you can take it as you go.


  • Remote Access

Since the boom of the 1950’s drive out into suburbia so that the men could get down to business in the city, working from home has taken on that seedy, almost looked down upon reputation. The rise of the commute, the importance of the corner office, and especially the working lunches, became the new favorite as at-home receded into the background, but this is all giving way to the new desire to park it in your pajamas and experience the luxury of not having to leave the front door to roll into the office.

Whether it’s the ability of offices to work together without actually being in the same room or just the desire to commit less time to the commute, technologies like network integration systems and global conferencing software allow for people on every stretch of the Earth (with a good internet connection) to collaborate flawlessly. It’s led not only to a rise in Snuggis as the new work wardrobe, but also in more specialized work and faster turnaround times and the streamline systems are only making businesses smarter.

Business doesn’t change, but the way we do it sometimes does, and these three trends in entrepreneurship are shaping the world.

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